Our silk rugs are made using 100%  finest Indian silk and are created using our hand tufting technique. 

This ensures not only a beautiful rug but one that is also luxurious to the touch

Our silk rugs have a production time of 6 weeks. 

Our hand tufted rugs are made by hand using a tufting machine to apply the thread to the loom. This technique is cost effective and efficient whilst ensuring a beautifully crafted rug. Production time is 6 weeks, depending on size. 

Our hand knotted rugs are all made by each thread being carefully tied on to the loom.

This process ensures the highest quality rug and gives the final product the most beautiful and luxurious feel.

If you're looking for luxury, hand knotted rugs are perfect.

Production time is 12 weeks, depending on size.

Our summer rugs are made using pet yarn, a material made suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Perfect for summer homes or hot destinations. These rugs are cost efficient and extremely durable. With a production time of 6 weeks.