Texture, colour and design are a part of my DNA. Indeed, I'm never without my Caran d'Ache pastels or watercolours, my notebook or camera. I am greatly inspired by all natural and man-made aesthetics. Whether it be the bark from a tree, a wild flower from my home in St Tropez or the ancient palaces of Jaipur. I have a love of architecture, painting, photography, furniture and all areas of design and together with landscapes, sunsets and starry skies feel these things are all just my natural born pathway.

Being a textile student, I feel immense fulfilment when weaving at my loom. It allows me to engage all my creative senses, combining colour and texture in such a way that eventually leads to the birth of my handmade rugs.

Living in Paris and studying at Parsons, The New School, I couldn’t be more grateful. Paris to me is the city of elegance and the home of all my heroes. Monet, Lavin, Calder and Toulouse-Lautrec. 

I designed my first rug collection whilst interning for my Aunt at her inspirational company, Tara B and Partners. I was 17 years old and given carte blanche to design rugs for the new Hari hotel in Knightsbridge, where they now proudly sit. This is how my story began.


So now, at 21, I have decided to follow my dream, create happiness and bring energy to people's homes through my creations.

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